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Nepal is a homeland of many mountainous Nepal peak climbing and natural scenery. Out of fourteen worlds’s highest peak above eight thousand meters Nepal has got eight out of them so Nepal peak climbing is widely famous among the peoples all around the world for trekking, Nepal climbing, mountaineering and hiking.
The world’s tallest summit Mount Everest ranges at an altitude of 8848 meters is also placed in the land of Nepal. Because of the topmost summit Mount Everest also Nepal is in the world heritage list. As the great climbers in the history of the world sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay Sherpa climbed at the top of Mount Everest in 1953, this expedition of conquering at the top of the Nepal climbing is famous among all the trek mountaineers and climbers. Almost all the country great mountaineers and climbers visits Nepal mostly annually just for mountaineering to the different topmost peaks in Nepal and sightseeing as the country is rich in nature topography.

Nepal Climbing in the top is not an easy task but the mountaineers who are semi skilled are well trained by the guides and prepared to climb the peaks. The guides will be the local inhabitants if the mountain region basically will be the Sherpa who are perfect to find the path and climbing the mountains. But the safety measures should take before Nepal peak climbing like medical kits, accessories, equipments etc. Mostly the facilities are provided by the company instead of that the mountaineers should also take the precautions before Nepal peak climbing to the topmost peaks in Nepal.